Who We Are

Here at the Dream Rep Media dojo, we strive to help hard working local service businesses provide a HIGH quality customer service/experience without being too flashy or "annoying".


Whether that's through our signature text message chat, simple social media content, or with a really clean website.


All have been optimized so that you can get the best returns.


Because it's not about having so many bells and whistles, but rather having the tools quietly working in the background, while you can continue being loud and proud where it actually person with your AWESOME, friendly customer service.


Let us do the planning and stop wasting your time and energy chasing down your customers. We ninjas will track down those looking for your needs.

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Char Rustia

Char founded the company with a help as many like-minded entrepreneurs as she can.


She brings to the table her online marketing skills and outstanding customer service.


As she feels that local service businesses need the most help to get their amazing products and customer service to see the light of day in a competitive world... she strives to reach as many businesses as she can.

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Korsyca Oya
Media Management Ninja

Korsyca has always been into photography, videography, and graphic design and has honed her craft by constantly learning new techniques and applying it to her works.


She handles more of the back end design aspect of the company (a true ninja hidden in the shadows to help those in the light). She strives to help other business owners with their online presence from content creation to upping their sites, making it easier for business owners to connect with their customers faster.

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